A Brief History of Tarot Cards

We all know about tarot cards. Some enjoy them. They enjoy the fact that the cards are deeply involved and somehow central in the world of the occult.

Tarot cards are surrounded by mysticism. And simply because they are surrounded by the occult, many people very much believe in them.

Of course on the other end of this spectrum are the people who think they are nothing but myth; a hoax and a waste of time.


Top 5 Most Common Dreams

As a child psychologist, I often ask children about their dreams to understand more about them.

A lot can be learned in dreams, and I have found that it is a great way to gain some insight into the mind of a child.

While both adults and children dream equally, children are more likely to remember their dreams than adults.

Children are also more likely to get nightmares, though nightmares can also be a sign of insecurities or abuse.

I have worked with both adults and children to figure out what are the most common dreams that people have, and try to understand why they have them.


Using Tarot for Divorce Advice

Tarot cards are great choices for gaining some insight into relationships.

While I would not recommend that you look for divorce solicitor advice from the cards as this is a much more technical field, the cards can give you some insight on the emotional circumstances behind your divorce.

Remember, a solicitor for divorce is best called when you need help with legal matters. The tarot cards will not help you with any divorce proceedings and paperwork, so be sure to only call upon the cards for emotional advice.

Here is how you can use tarot cards for divorce advice:


Answer difficult questions using single cards

Tarot cards for divorce advice can answer a multitude of questions. You can answer difficult questions using just single cards, and keep asking questions until you are satisfied.

Divorce is a difficult time and it is easy to channel feelings of anger, bitterness, and grief. What you want to do is to make sure that you are working towards answering the hard questions and channelling your emotions through the deck.

tarot-cardsYour tarot deck will be able to dispel some of this negative energy and help you answer all of your questions. All you have to do is to spread out your entire shuffled deck, face down on a table.

Ask your questions out loud, and pick one card deliberately. The card will represent your answer to your divorce related question.


Use a special spread for understanding divorce

When you are lost regarding your relationship and impending divorce, you should try this special spread that deals with break ups. The spread consists of eight cards divided into two sections.

The first card represents the divorce and what could have brought it about.

tarot special

The cards on the left represents you, while the cards on the right represent your spouse or former spouse. There will be three cards representing you – one to show what you brought to the relationship, one card to show what your lesson is, and a third to show your future.

There will be three cards representing your spouse too.

Finally, there is a karma card that will show the future of your relationship apart.


Use a special spread for knowing what to say during a divorce

If you are looking for the right words to say, such as knowing how to break it to your spouse that you want a divorce, you should also try to consult the cards. However, you need a different spread for something like this.

For one thing, you will need six cards in a row: One to show what the situation is, three to show what you should say, one to say what you will encounter in the future.

The last is to show the general situation.

Watch this short video and see how a tarot card reading session for divorce goes:

Ways to Market Your Tarot Business

One of my friends owns her own tarot business. She owns her own little place and does several readings for her customers.

While she specialises in tarot card readings, she also practices palmistry, scrying, and runes, as she has been studying this since she was young.

Her whole family has been practising tarot for several generations, and her grandmother even owns a 1910 print of the original Rider-Waite deck, which she keeps under lock and key to preserve it.
On top of doing readings, she also has her own tarot reading school, where she teaches people to learn tarot.
Recently, she wanted to gain more attention to her business, so she hired the Embrace building wrap company to create her a beautiful building wrap that will be placed on the wall outside of her shop.

It will work to advertise her business from the outside, while also helping in making her tarot shop more visible.
If you have your own tarot business to advertise, here are just some of the ways for you to market it:

Create a good website

Like all businesses, your tarot business can really benefit from a good website. Hire a professional graphic designer or simply make one of your own. After all, you can easily create some website designs using free templates offered by some graphic designers and website building sites.
A good website should display your store’s brand, and should also show when your store is open. You should also include contact details, and allow customers to set up an appointment for their tarot reading.

Here’s a good video to start with:

Advertise through building wraps and posters

You can also advertise your tarot business directly using building wraps and posters. My friend hired Embrace because their building wraps are of high quality while still being affordable. You can also set up posters around town by having them printed professionally. Just make sure that you pay for the advertising space as you will not be able to freely put up posters just like that.

Create and maintain active social media profiles

websiteNowadays, social media is a must. It is one of the reasons why I maintain this blog. Creating and maintaining various social media profiles can help you connect with your audience and even help you find like-minded people who are interested in tarot readings.
I find that sharing daily predictions and other tarot based information is quite popular. Of course, if you make social media profiles, you absolutely have to make sure that you maintain it. You need to regularly share new information.

Give free readings to the first client of the day

tarotA good way to entice customers or clients to your store is to offer a free reading to the first client of the day. This will drive clients to visit you, especially since many tend to become regulars after a while. Create a banner or a poster and advertise it outside, so that they will be interested in visiting your business.

Dreaming About Work… What Does it Mean?

Are you a frequent vivid dreamer? Have you ever been, or have you always been? Some people dream almost every night–I mean, I know that I definitely, definitely do. Or are you the type to dream quite rarely?

Because there are people who don’t dream much if at all–and I always feel kind of bad for those people.

Dreams are awesome–I just lov the fact thart I dream nightly. Not just because dreams are fun, but also because they can say so much about you and what your subconscious is all about at that point in time.

Dreams can tell us quite a lot about ourselves–what we worry about, what thoughts our subconscious entertains whenever we take a break from actively thinking. But recently, I was having dreams about my former job working for peterborough tanker servicing.

So what do dreams about work tell us? I had gotten a bit curious as well, so I decided to look it up. Here is what I found out about dreams about work.

Feeling Exposed and Vulnerable

vulnerableIf you dream about showing up for work or some important conference or meeting naked or in states of undress, then it might point to the fact that you may be feeling quite vulnerable in your waking life.

Such a dream gives a bit more drama to your feeling of exposure and vulnerability and is playing on those feelings.

It may be that there has been a sudden change in your work life that made it feel as though you were vulnerable.

I mean I know I had a dream like this when I got promoted to higher management at the tanker servicing company. These dreams often show that the dreamer is focusing on something that they hadn’t quite gotten used to just yet.

Feeling Anxious

anxietyAnother dream you might have about work is showing up to work and suddenly finding out you were supposed to do some sort of presentation that you are now painfully not ready for.

This dream usually happens for people who are always worried about being prepared and never want to be unprepared (and never let themselves be).

To some of us a dream like this may qualify as a nightmare. Those who do have these dreams are often the ones that are always prepared and always ready to get in front and do what needs to be done.

Should We Take These Dreams Seriously?

Well…some experts say that any and all dreams are basically useless and meaningless and that we shouldn’t be putting any meaning on them.

But I personally like to think that dreams are your subconscious telling you something–it can tell you if you are worried about something, help you sort out some problems, or help you to feel better about an emotional issue.

It can even have you waking up with an epiphany–a solution to a problem that you were otherwise not sure how to fix.

In case you are wondering, here’s a video of how you can interpret your dreams:

Presentation Skills Training Tips for Psychologists

I am a home psychologist who also happens to specialize in divination and Tarot readings. A local college wanted me to make a presentation about Jungian psychology and the Jungian archetypes, because they factor heavily into dream psychology and even divination.

The college gave me a month to prepare, and since I am no longer used to talking to large crowds I decided to refresh my presentation skills training by taking a two week course on the subject. Presentation skills are very important for psychologists and any field that requires you to present data and information in a structured sort of way.

I wanted to share with you just a few presentation skills training tips for other psychologist looking to improve their presentations.

Structure your speech

Psychologists are well aware of how easily people get distracted, so knowing how to structure your speech so that it is easy to comprehend and easy to follow will help minimize distractions and improve viewer comprehension.

Try to whittle-refresh my presentation skills training-refresh my presentation skills training down your speech into three main points that you will repeat at the start and end of your speech. You should always have a strong start and a strong end. Try to outline your speech and follow it.

Do not read your speech

As part of your presentation, you should never read your speech – it looks boring and unprofessional. No matter how good your speech is, unless you actually learn it and recite it with just a few glances at your guide, people will find your speech insincere, and you will lose the audience impact.

As much as possible, keep eye contact with your audience and enunciate your speech instead of simply reading it.

Use vocal variety

Use body language and vary your speech for emphasis. Nothing is worse than listening to a speaker who just drones on and on in a monotonous tone. You have to sound lively and add emphasis when needed.

While hand gestures can be very useful, make sure that you do not overdo it because it can look distracting. Avoid any crutch words such as “er…” and “uhm…” and speak briskly and clearly.

Use visual accompaniment

In this day and age, no speech goes without the use of visual accompaniment. Have a presentation ready and add relevant images and bullet points. Make sure that your visual presentation is properly matched to your speech, and that it adds emphasis instead of adding a distraction.

Be clear about it and always search for ways to make the speech easy to follow. Avoid focusing too much on your bullet points however – you want your speech to have a steady flow.

My presentation about Jungian archetypes and its representation in Tarot went very well. In fact, I even helped students find their own Jungian archetypes by giving them their own tarot readings after the speech finished.

I answered a lot of questions and received a lot of interesting questions, which is fantastic, because it means that they paid attention to whatever I had to say while up on stage.

Earth Vortices – Sites of Energy

The other day, I was visiting the playground at my old school in a sort of nostalgia induced desire. You see, my old school when I was a little girl had to change location for some reason or another, leaving an abandoned, if peaceful building. I heard that the school is set to be demolished in a couple of months, so I wanted to visit again just to relive the memories.

When I was at the playground, which naturally was my favorite place in the entire school, I loved how the old swing sets were grown over with vines, with wild flowers sprouting up everywhere. It was gorgeous despite its dilapidated looks.

As I stood there, I felt very pensive. My body felt very grounded, and there was a unique, calming energy all around me. I took out my pendulum to track the flowing energy all around me, and I realized that I had stumbled upon and Earth Vortex.


An Earth Vortex is a concentration of energy in specific areas of the world. The most famous Earth Vortex is believed to be located in the Stone Henge in England, and is perhaps one of the more powerful vortices known to us. It is an accumulation of thousands of years of energy, added overtime by all of the pilgrims and tourists who visit the site.

I suddenly felt very sad that my old playground will be built over, now that it has become its own little spiritual vortex. Building over it will dispel some of the accumulated energy and it may even suddenly disappear.

However, I know that I have no power in that arena, as my old playground is not my property. I decided to just sit there and soak in the energy, meditating.

There are two kinds of portals:

Electric Vortex

An electric earth vortex has an up-flow of energy. Sometimes called “positive energy vortex”, electric vortices flow in a circular motion upwards, as though the Earth is reaching towards the heavens.

Electric vortices make one feel exhilarated and alive, and could give you feelings of light playground at my old schoolheadedness and a sensation of floating. Those who need to be refreshed or are feeling depressed may want to make a visit to an electric vortex to soak in some of that positive, uplifting energy.

Electric vortices denote happiness and excitement, though some people may experience a more negative feeling of panic and hysteria.

Magnetic Vortex

A magnetic earth vortex is a down-flow of energy. It spirals more slowly into the ground and can feel a bit heavier than an electric vortex. Some people call it a “negative energy vortex”, but not because it gives one a feeling of evil – it is just the opposite of the electric vortex, though both can be quite neutral.

My playground finds itself inside a magnetic vortex. It gives me a feeling of calm energy and a sense of relaxation. It makes me feel more connected with the earth and the forces around us.

While some people believe that magnetic vortices give you a feeling of dread and sadness, the vortex at my old playground was gentle, and calming. It was quite a find for me, and I am glad that nature somehow lead me to this beautiful spot before it finally disappears.

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